Louise Magnusson

Swedish Soundartist and Composer


November 2012

Come on baby make it right (or: Introduction to “Reading and Learning”)

Again, some volume and speakers are not a bad idea. This track was made in the process of coming up with some aesthetics for me and my drummer friend.


My Phone (or: I go places I don’t remember)

I realized I have done spontaneous recordings on my phone for over a year and it was time to sort them out.

What quality comes out of that sort of awful michrophone might not be a suprise, but luckily that’s not a problem for me.

This is it.
Listen i headphones or big speakers.

Hymn for Transit

July 2012.

Playing my piece “Hymn for Transit” in the impressive mining headface “Mimer” in Norberg Dalarna. Sweden.
As a part of the Lindblad studio, Academy of Music and Drama, Gothenburg Uni.
Compared to the pictures the video is a bit under representative, and yes CRANK THE VOLUME, but either way, enjoy.

Love Among the Cannibals

October 2011. Liver performance at the Geiger Festival, held at Cinnober Theatre in Gothenburg.

Awfully noisy.

Planet of the Apes/Apornas Planet

I had the honor of not only composing the sound, music and being the sound engineer for the Graduating Performance by the Actor students in the BA programme during March-May 2012.

Rolled into that honor was also doing it dressed as a Panda on stage.

Hopefully full video will be available.

One of the tracks are on Soundcloud.

Promotion video:


November 2012

Live installation. Sound played through carved wooden boards hanging from the ceiling.

The work was created especially for the event Woodworks.

Hosted by Atalante

Produced by Mighty Fine Production

Video curtesy of Atalante

Decoration of Independence

Collaboration with Gustav Lejelind

Picture Window at the Sonica Festival in Glasgow October 2012

Prelude 15 (no.1)

at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (The Jack Bruce Space) 2012-03-11. Soundinstallation, with transducer speakers playing on Grand Piano strings.
Pictures curtesy of Giovanni Bertani

The Walking Man

Soundinstallation for The Sounding Room exhibition at Röda Sten Art Centre in Gothenburg.
A collaboration between Röda Sten and The Academy of Music and Drama, (Musical Compostition and Individual Musician programme). Gothenburg University. 2011-11-25 to 2011-11-27.

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