Louise Magnusson

Swedish Soundartist and Composer


April 2013

Live Geiger 2013 (excerpt) by Louise Magnusson on SoundCloud



Just a taste…

Recorded on my phone through small monitors. Live it will be … bigger.

Now on Bandcamp

I’ve selected some of my personal favorites and made a compilation, now available on Bandcamp.

Vril work.



Did some work on the Vril this afternoon. Doing soldering work with the studio flooding with spring sunlight is not to bad. Also didn’t think the silver knobs would look as good as they do!

Lejelind & Magnusson


New/Old sound on my Soundcloud

One week project with Gustav Lejelind during summer of 2012.
This is one of the live sessions me and Gustav did at his studio at The Valand Academy in Gothenburg. Gustav:

This project also mounted into a video installation shown in Glasgow in October 2012 during the Sonica Festival. To see submission click:

GEIGERs Aprilfest 12-13/4

I’ll be gigging with my Vril instrument on Friday 12th at GEIGERs Aprilfest.

The venue is Kajskjul Fyra Sex in Gothenburg.

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