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Kedjereaktion at Two Little Birds, Café and Gallery

This week I’m a part of the project Kedjereaktion at Two Little Birds a Café and Galleryspace on Andralånggatan in Gothenburg. Four artists have been working for four days each the last 16 days and I am the last of the four to take over this chainreaction workshop and process based project. On Friday there will be an artist talk in the evening to dicuss what happens when you are given other artist work to either embellish, destroy or continue without instruction.

Today I am live editing a text sound piece inspired by the artwork left behind by the other artists.

Artists involved are:

Elin Flognman, crafts and jewelery.

Barrie James Sutcliffe, performance and soundart.

Matilda Haggärde, ceramics.



Sounding Room 2013 – Dans på… /Dance at the…

Late update on an installation I did at Röda Sten Konsthall during the student exhibition The Sounding Room in January 2013.

Interactive installation of pieces of “dancefloor”.

Pictures courtesy of Staffan Mossenmark.

Dans på2 2013Dans på 2013

Prelude 15 (no.1) @ HARMOS plural 2013


November 2012

Live installation. Sound played through carved wooden boards hanging from the ceiling.

The work was created especially for the event Woodworks.

Hosted by Atalante

Produced by Mighty Fine Production

Video curtesy of Atalante

Decoration of Independence

Collaboration with Gustav Lejelind

Picture Window at the Sonica Festival in Glasgow October 2012

Prelude 15 (no.1)

at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (The Jack Bruce Space) 2012-03-11. Soundinstallation, with transducer speakers playing on Grand Piano strings.
Pictures curtesy of Giovanni Bertani

The Walking Man

Soundinstallation for The Sounding Room exhibition at Röda Sten Art Centre in Gothenburg.
A collaboration between Röda Sten and The Academy of Music and Drama, (Musical Compostition and Individual Musician programme). Gothenburg University. 2011-11-25 to 2011-11-27.

Who Loves Gunhild Magnusson?

From the exhibition: Harbour Ferry – A Dream About a Different Gothenburg
A colaboration between Valand School of Fine Arts and Gothenburg Maritime Museum
07-10-2011 until 08-01-2012

Drissle Skies

Soundwork and Installation from the project based year at Konstnärlig Idégestaltning, Göteborgs Konstskola August 2011

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