Louise Magnusson

Swedish Soundartist and Composer


Musical Production

Non static Steel

During the fall of 2015 I did a co-lab noisepiece for fashion designer Camilla Doverhags line Non Static Steel.

“Doverhag designs clothes through creative collaborations with artistic creators, for each collection or project, to achieve a deeper aesthetic and an exclusive expression.”12347915_1074354449255725_7130996947814292636_n

Image: Hedda Axelsson



Recording session

Last monday me and my friend and drummer Hampus Öhman Frölund had our first recording session at Studio Sonores in Långedrag Gothenburg.


Makeshift and DIY is our style.


Hampus to the right and Dan our sound guy.


Me, the burl/vril and sound technician Dan  Olsson

My Phone, on Swedish Radio

My Phone (or: I go places I don’t remember)  played on Elektroniskt on Swedish Radio yesterday.




Planet of the Apes/Apornas Planet

I had the honor of not only composing the sound, music and being the sound engineer for the Graduating Performance by the Actor students in the BA programme during March-May 2012.

Rolled into that honor was also doing it dressed as a Panda on stage.

Hopefully full video will be available.

One of the tracks are on Soundcloud.

Promotion video:

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