Louise Magnusson

Swedish Soundartist and Composer

Half-Night Label Night at Smedjan.


Yesterday me and my drummer Hampus Öhman Frölund had our debut gig at Half-Night Label night. Half-Night which is a newly started label in Gothenburg will be releasing our music in the fall.
As Hampus could not join me, being a New Yorker and family man, so he sent me a tape recording and I played live to it.
It was a great night with great people!


RÖSET 2015


This past weekend  GEIGER and SVAVEL co-produced SVAVELs noisefest RÖSET in the woods of Småland in Sweden.

I had the luxury to play twice during this weekend.

On Friday with my own project and on Saturday in the noise-orchestra GGR Betong.

Below is the sound from my gig:

Kompfest 2015

This weekend I went to Kompfest in Malmö to watch 12 premiers of new music being performed…. twice. A concept that gives a perceptual advantage when it comes music that you might never hear again live.

I also attended a couple of workshops.

Live notation with Stefan Klaverdal (you notate music, they play a prima vista)
These were my modest contributions.


Geiger ordered a piece by Ylva Lund Bergner for this ocasion.

Pictures from Kedjereaktion at the Two Little Birds Gallery

Fitting for text-sound piece Turisten/Memory as Pronunciation.



Graphic notation based on text by Barrie James Sutcliffe

Kedjereaktion at Two Little Birds, Café and Gallery

This week I’m a part of the project Kedjereaktion at Two Little Birds a Café and Galleryspace on Andralånggatan in Gothenburg. Four artists have been working for four days each the last 16 days and I am the last of the four to take over this chainreaction workshop and process based project. On Friday there will be an artist talk in the evening to dicuss what happens when you are given other artist work to either embellish, destroy or continue without instruction.

Today I am live editing a text sound piece inspired by the artwork left behind by the other artists.

Artists involved are:

Elin Flognman, crafts and jewelery.

Barrie James Sutcliffe, performance and soundart.

Matilda Haggärde, ceramics.


Pic from my GIG at Göteborgs Konsthall

This year in March I played at the releaseparty of Henrik Rylanders new LP.

Looked like this:


GGR @ GAS festival 2014

This weekend I played with five other musicians in the newly formed noise orchesta GGR Betong.

Here I’m playing with violinist and actor Pelle Bolander


Our conductor Fredric Bergström


Sven Rånlund and Tony Blomdal


Barrie James Sutcliffe and Tomas Hulenvik


Kulturnatta @ 3:e Våningen


I played my burl and some amplified bird control spikes at the event Kulturnatta in Gothenburg this weekend. Along with Siri Landgren, Niklas Sjösvärd and Emilie Odelberg.

Skomvaer 2014 Röst Air.

Went to the north of Norway for two weeks to the lighthouse on the island of Skomvaer in Lofoten.

Words can not describe the experience so I won’t.

But I urge you to check it out yourself:



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